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Implementation plan

In order to ensure rapid implementation at our customers' plants, we have drawn up a plan of action in cooperation with our software partner and based on our experience of previous VMI projects. This plan comprises four stages: Practical experience has shown that, on the basis of this implementation plan, it takes about four to six weeks from the initial discussions with the customer to the actual commissioning of the system. This includes the contractual agreement.
Stage 1: Stage 2:
Reach agreement with the customer (Agreement) Inspection of plant (Evaluation)
To initiate the process with the customer requires that the customer and supplier reach a common understanding. Once this has been achieved, the details are set out in a service level agreement. To prepare for the installation of an outstation and to resolve the technical issues, an on-site inspection of the plant and the relevant storage tanks is necessary.
Stage 3: Stage 4:
Installation of the outstation (Installation) Commissioning of the system (Go-live)
Once the commercial and technical details have been resolved, the next stage is to install and calibrate the measuring equipment on the storage tanks made available by the customer. Test operations can be conducted online. Once the system has been verified in test operation, it is ready to go live. The supplier’s employees are given the access rights they need for the URL address in line with the authorization concept agreed with the customer and are also instructed in using the system.